Facilities & Logistics Support Services​

D2GS provides a wide range of facilities support services that enhance our customers overall efficiency and productivity while maintaining the highest regulatory safety standards.  Our broad range of services includes facility maintenance and repair, HVAC systems maintenance, security and access control, landscaping and groundskeeping, waste management, and other support services.  Our experienced team of professionals delivers tailored solutions to meet the needs of our customers that enhance their overall efficiency and productivity.


At D2 Government Solutions, our security services encompass a wide range of measures and practices designed to protect individuals, organizations, and assets from potential threats and risks. These services are aimed at ensuring the safety and security of people, properties, information, and operations.  Our portfolio of security services includes Physical Security and the process of developing and implementing measures to protect physical assets and premises to Cybersecurity to protect computer systems, networks and data from unauthorized access and breaches.

Base Operations

D2 Government Solutions has extensive experience in provide base operations services to support the overall management and support activities that are essential for the functioning and maintenance DOD installations and government facilities.  Our wide ranges of services include facilities management, logistics and supply chain management, security and force protection, emergency management and base support services.  

Vehicle Vetting

We have extensive experience in vehicle vetting and inspection services including vehicle maintenance, documentation and verification, security screening, and inventory management.  Our vehicle vetting and inspection services provides our clients with the assurance that vehicles meet all safety, security, and compliance standards.  

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